Getting an AD group SID

Using powershell to get a SID for a user group in AD

Config transforms

Making config transformations terse.

SemVer in practice

How to set assembly version according to semantic versioning (with release candidates) in .net assemblies

Using custom types in config sections by specifying a TypeConverter

Using typeconverter to map config parameters to types

Hgflow - Git flow tooling for mercurial

A quick getting started guide to hgflow which gives you gitflow tooling support for mercurial

ASP.NET Bundling Gotcha

Something to think about when bundling files with paths to other files.

Mercurial favoured merge

A merge where you know which branch is 'right'

Cruelty to code

When digging through your old code you always find a few gems (atrocities).

Move from subversion to mercurial

Converting a subversion repository into mercurial.

Cherry picking in mercurial

Cherry picking (aka grafting) in mercurial.