Cruelty to code

When digging through your old code you always find a few gems (atrocities).

Move from subversion to mercurial

Converting a subversion repository into mercurial.

Cherry picking in mercurial

Cherry picking (aka grafting) in mercurial.

Using git with a subversion repository

Concluding my first weeks of using git-svn


Trying out ILMerge

Query columns in a database

This is a trick to find all columns of a specific type in a database.

Fighting Ransomware

Ransomware is a scary type of malware that restricts computer access by demanding a ransom be payed before function is, or isn't, granted agian. I ran into one of these the other day and here is how i got rid of it.

Anonymous objects as key-value list

Using anonymous objects as key-value pair lists


Time to restart my blog again

Creating a basic form with ASP.NET Webforms MVP

I create a simple Webforms MVP based form and also go through some of the advantages when using the MVP pattern compared to regular webforms.