Setting up hugo on Ubuntu

Some instructions on setting up hugo on Ubuntu/WSL2

git with ssh on Windows 10

Configuring git ssh access for bitbucket

Kicking the tires of Micronetes

A mini kubernetes inspired orchestrator for running microservices

Open Visual Studio solutions below current folder

An update on previous powershell function

Windows Terminal and Powershell configuration

A reminder on how i like to configure Windows Terminal

Version 2.3 of Appeaser

Maintenance release adding IOptions<MediatorSettings> support

Version 2.1 of Appeaser

Some new stuff in released in Appeaser, your favourite mediator

New version of Appeaser

New version of Appeaser out to support .net core

When did i boot my computer?

I use a time logger at work, but alot of times i forget what time i started, so to get the computer boot time, i have created a little powershell function

Self Hosted Owin WebApi with Structuremap DependencyResolver gotcha

Fixing StackOverflowException when disposing a self-hosted Owin WebApi -process