Setting up hugo on Ubuntu

Some instructions on setting up hugo on Ubuntu/WSL2

Posted by Carl Berg on Sun, Feb 16, 2020 | Tags hugo, wsl, wsl2, ubuntu

I just repaved my home computer and though I would write up instructions for myself on how to setup hugo (which i use to publish this blog) on WSL2.

I first investigated apt-get for Ubuntu, but the version there seems old (0.40.1)…

I want a specific version (0.56.2) which is the one i use at netlify, which i use for publishing and hosting.

Insteady i opt to install via deb package, so i go to check out the hugo github releases for my specific version.

I found hugo_0.56.2_Linux-64bit.deb, which i download.

I install the package sudo dpkg -i hugo*.deb

And we’re ready to run hugo serve --config config.toml,